GM Top 25 coach Ged Walters takes an in-depth look at the putting technique of five-time major winner Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson Putting Technique Analysis

Phil Mickelson has always been known as one of golf’s best putters which, along with his razor-sharp short game, helps save him strokes and make some ridiculous recoveries.

The American has a distinct forward press in his putting stroke, which puts his hands ahead of the ball and de-lofts the putter.

In recent years he has also switched between an orthadox and the pencil/claw grip.

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Mickelson is one of the most consistent putters on Tour, and his statistics on the green seem to be improving with age.

Here are some standout stats from recent seasons:


  • 98.4% of putts holed from 4ft during 2016 PGA Tour season
  • 1st in putts from 7ft in 2014 PGA Tour season, holing 78.57%
  • 1st in putts from 10ft in 2013 PGA Tour season, holing 58.33%

phil mickelson putting technique analysis

GM Top 25 coach Ged Walters takes a closer look at Mickelson’s putting action:


  • Phil’s feet are just under shoulder-width apart at address, with ball position in line with his right heel.
  • He tilts his upper body slightly away from the target to retain his desired loft at impact for an optimum roll.
  • He places his hands on the club with the palms facing each other. Both thumbs run straight down the front of the grip, with his right index finger overlapping the fingers on his left hand.

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Phil starts his stroke with a forward press of the hands, which gets them ahead of the ball and takes a little loft off the putter.

phil mickelson putting technique analysis

This is the trigger for a smooth start to his stroke; a small movement that relieves tension and helps improve the flow.

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He then keeps his hands moving forward to the target through the stroke to avoid changing the face angle or adding loft through impact, the real key to his consistency.

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