Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Paul Foston has these simple tips to help put an end to your hook

4 Ways To Stop Hooking Golf Shots

1 – Hooks usually stem from swinging too much from the inside and/or the clubface being closed relative to target at impact. The drill shown here helps to ensure that your swing path is good, with the sticks encouraging alignment at address to be square to the target line.

The two other balls creating a staggered gate three inches either side of the one I have hit are designed to ensure my swing path isn’t coming into the ball too much from the inside.
fault fixer

2 – If your set-up is closed and aligned right of target, your swing will be too much from the inside and you will most likely knock the rear ball off on your takeaway (photo below).

You may catch the far ball on your follow-through, too, as your swing will be too much from in to out and too much under the plane with the clubface closed, resulting in a hook. Check that too closed a set-up isn’t making it hard for you to miss the rear ball on the way back.

3 – If set-up and swing path are okay but you’re still hitting a hook, you need to next look at the clubface and grip. Are you coming into the ball with a closed clubface because your grip is too strong, with the right hand too far underneath the club?

This can also be a major cause of the hook. Check your grip is nice and neutral, with the V between the thumb and forefinger pointing down the front of the shaft.

4- Be careful you don’t get stuck behind the ball at impact. This can encourage a hook, too, as your hands become overactive in an attempt to compensate.

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