These tips and drills will help you gain some extra yards off the tee


4 Ways To Get More Power Off The Tee

Looking for more distance off the tee?

Below GM Top 25 coach Clive Tucker offers 4 ways to improve your power –

1 Think 4:2:1

Power comes mostly, though not entirely, from the body, where a key requirement is a good turn with lots of resistance. But how much should each part turn? I think a 4:2:1 ratio is ideal, so, for example, the shoulders turn 90˚, the hips 45˚ and the legs and knees 22.5˚.

Those are your key flex points for an ideal mix of rotation, resistance and stability to get everything loaded and ready to go. Some would say the hips should turn less but I think better ball-strikers typically have slightly more hip turn.

The ‘lead out’ with the hips is then key at the start of the downswing as that creates shoulder speed, which leads to 20% of clubhead speed. If you can’t ‘lead out’ well, you will lose sequence and power.

2 Custom fitting

If you walked into your pro shop and bought a new driver that gave you 50 more yards, that could only mean one of two things – an illegal club or an existing driver spec completely ill-suited to your golf swing!

Okay, it almost certainly won’t be 50-yard gains, but many golfers could produce some extra speed, power and distance by having a custom fitting and walking away with something perfectly tailored to their individual launch characteristics.

The right shaft could help you generate more power from your existing swing.

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3 The big toe

You create resistance through the trail foot, too, which helps control the hip turn. There are three pressure points under your foot that allow you to ‘kick off’, and the main one is the big toe.

If it lifts on the backswing you won’t be able to initiate an efficient motion consistently.

Keep your big toe on the ground and retain some flex in your right knee on the backswing to create that little bit of ‘braced-ness’ you need to give your hips something to resist against.

A good way to encourage this is to place something under the outside of your right foot as your swing – a headcover, shaft or perhaps a club, as I have here.

See how much more powerful it looks with the club under my foot.

4 Anti-casting drill

A lot of people lose energy because they dump it too fast by casting the club early in the downswing. This drill can help. Hold a ball loosely between the thumb and palm of your right hand.

Set yourself up, then bend your wrist backwards to move your elbow slightly inwards at address.

Your task is to throw the ball towards your target and land it on the target line.

If you cast early, you’ll through the ball into the ground before your get to impact.

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