The SkyPro Swing Analyser has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2018/19 list

SkyPro Swing Analyser

Price: £149.95

Tech Talk

Range time is often unproductive when there’s no specific purpose to a practice session. It can also be difficult to measure how you really performed in a big, open range.

SkyPro helps golfers improve their swing and operates by tracking the movement of the club with a small sensor located just below the grip. It’s easy to attach and calibrate and once up and running it becomes quite addictive. Swing data is fed back wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet so users can instantly analyse their results.

Accuracy is guaranteed with 3,600 measurements a second, before reeling off a set of numbers without any push of a button required. Golfers can get information about a club’s position at key points throughout the swing. Any unusual numbers will produce an alert so users are constantly aware how consistently they are swinging the club.

If the numbers are overwhelming, it’s possible to find a specific checkpoint that needs work. You can view your swing from down the line, face on or above, and by zooming in golfers can better understand any part of their swing. Users can also share their best shots with their friends or coach, making it a fun way to groove a better swing.

Game Booster

For anyone wanting to understand what is causing a destructive shot, there are few better tools, certainly at this price point.

It gives users the power to experiment and get a thorough understanding of their swing, before working on improvements, giving their practice sessions a purpose.

Golfers of every skill level can benefit from a simple tool such as this, although understanding the feedback before implementing changes is crucial. It makes the device a powerful tool for PGA professionals, but also lower handicap players who revel in having a whole host of stats at their fingertips.