The PuttView has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2018/19 list


The PuttView has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2019/20 list


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Tech Talk

PuttView is a visual putting aid that uses augmented reality to project the ideal putting path and pace directly onto the green.

PuttView uses slope data to calculate and project an accurate, animated light path onto the putting surface, and the product also offers additional visual guidance to help a player find the correct pace.

PuttView gives golf coaches and golfers a host of visual aids to help create a new kind of putting lesson, including a highly user-friendly ‘Sketch’ function – where the user can literally draw his or her own graphics and instructions onto the putting surface, using a tablet.

For golfers looking to improve their putting under pressure, animated targets can appear anywhere on the putting surface, challenging players to learn both break and pace in a series of putts as the clock counts down.

PuttView works with most indoor greens being used for putting practice. PuttView can scan a fixed green and save a 3D-model in the software or it can work with an adjustable putting platform.

Modern surveying technology captures each and every slope of the green then flexible algorithms calculate every possible putt on the surface allowing the line to be projected onto the green.

Game Booster

PuttView helps you to perceive your putts in a whole new way and to quickly analyse your mistakes. It enables more focused practice and will give you a much better understanding of line, alignment and pace.

The visual cues provided by PuttView are fantastic for helping you become more accurate and consistent with your alignment while the projected path gives you a clear picture of the correct line for any putt.

PuttView is also excellent for helping you understand how different speeds result in different ball paths. The system can project the different paths required to hole putts struck at different speeds.

This is an excellent training aid that will give any golfer increased insight into their putting.

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