The Macwet Winter Climatec Gloves have made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2018/19 list because of their positive approach to playing golf in the rain

MacWet Winter Climatec Gloves

Price – £29.99

Tech Talk

“All grip, no slip”. MacWet’s mission statement is straightforward, and with its unique Aquatec material that’s what golfers will get – super grip in the wettest conditions.

These ‘sports gloves” are equally effective in horse riding, shooting and cycling – and the golfing benefits are obvious.

The synthetic fibres have natural wicking properties allowing moisture to be transferred to the fabric face, where it can evaporate quickly.

The fabric also allows the hands to breathe, so comfort levels are not hindered. With the right size being so vital, MacWet has its short cuff option with the glove resting on the wrist, and the long cuff just above it.

The Velcro fastening also helps golfers find their perfect fit so it feels like a second skin.

Lightweight, too, there’s a great deal of technology at play to help golfers perform in cold, wet conditions. The warm, fleece lined back helps ensure none of the feeling is lost in the hands and fingers when the temperature drops.

Their durability is such that they will continue to perform throughout the winter months, a big plus for golfers who get out no matter what the weather.

Four colour options are also available: Brown, Black, Green, and Navy.

Game Booster

Trying to grip a club in the pouring rain is like trying to hold onto a bar of soap. At some point during a wet round, poor grip will cost a golfer shots, no matter what level they play at.

Despite this, a great number of golfers may not bother with a glove designed to tackle wet weather, instead choosing to work through two or three during a rain-affected round.

However, a high-performing golf glove is a relatively small investment and if you consider yourself more than a fair weather golfer, MacWet’s Climatec gloves represent excellent value, helping you to stay in control of your game and your golf clubs.