The reason why Spain continues to remain one of the most visited countries as a golfing destination is because of its variety.

With Valderrama and PGA Catalunya, it has two of the finest golf courses in Europe, but it has all the essentials to provide for everyone, something that very few places are capable of.

Such a short trip from the UK, it gives you the opportunity to make it a big family holiday or just a short trip with your friends.

Either way, you’ll be sure to enjoy the sunshine, the beautiful countryside, the wonderful cuisine and many others things that Spain offers.

Spain is a wonderful place to visit even without the golf, but whilst you’re there it is well worth playing some of the best courses around.

Best Golf Courses In Spain

With a climate perfect for golf, let's reel off some of the courses you should think about visiting in Spain.

Golf in Tenerife

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Golf in Asturias

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PGA Catalunya Costa Brava

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The tourist board of Galicia in Spain uses a slogan that states, “Galicia, Can you keep my secret.”

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