The Stunning Golf Courses in Benidorm

Hotel Meliá Villaitana is home to two golf courses and ample facilities including luxurious rooms, world-class spa facilities, and gourmet dining

Hotel Meliá Villaitana's course course
(Image credit: Hotel Meliá Villaitana)

Benidorm, located in the Region of Valencia and one of Spain's premier tourist destinations, is well-known for its golden beaches and its sunny skies. Yet, for golf enthusiasts, there lies a hidden gem: the golf courses of the Hotel Meliá Villaitana.

This splendid complex is the perfect stage for those seeking a blend of sport, luxury, and leisure in one setting.

Key Features

The courses at Villaitana golf are characterized by their exceptional design. They consist of two 18 holes courses: the Levante Course and the Poniente Course.

The Levante Course is a championship par 72. Stretching over 6,500 meters, this course boasts undulating fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and expansive greens.

Hotel Meliá Villaitana golf course

(Image credit: Hotel Meliá Villaitana)

Designed by the globally recognized Jack Nicklaus, it appeals to both professional and amateur players. Breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and Benidorm's iconic island serve as a visual treat as one navigates through its challenging holes.

On the other hand, the Poniente Course is a par 62, catering to those seeking a more relaxed experience. While shorter at around 3,800 meters, it remains challenging with its narrow fairways and intricate greens. It's the perfect course for honing one's short game or for those in search of a quicker round.

Integration with Nature and Sustainable Practices

One of the aspects that further distinguishes the Meliá Villaitana golf courses is their seamless integration with the natural surroundings. As golf's environmental impact becomes a growing concern worldwide, the team behind these courses has made commendable efforts to ensure that they not only complement but also enrich the native landscape.

The careful planning and maintenance of the courses have led to the preservation of local flora and fauna. Mature trees dot the course, offering shade and adding an extra strategic element to the game. Natural ponds and water bodies are not just aesthetic features but also play a crucial role in the local ecosystem, providing habitats for various species of birds and aquatic life.

Furthermore, sustainability initiatives have been prioritized. From water conservation practices, using recycled water for course irrigation, to energy-efficient facilities, Meliá Villaitana is setting an example for golf resorts everywhere.

Hotel Meliá Villaitana golfers seen having a drink after their round

(Image credit: Hotel Meliá Villaitana)

Training and Amenities

For those eager to improve their game, the complex also offers top-notch training facilities. A state-of-the-art driving range, putting greens, and chipping areas help golfers hone their skills.

PGA-qualified instructors provide lessons tailored to all levels, ensuring that every visitor, whether a newbie or seasoned player, can up their game.

Hotel Meliá Villaitana clubhouse

(Image credit: Hotel Meliá Villaitana)

Beyond the courses and training facilities, the hotel itself is a marvel. With luxurious rooms, world-class spa facilities, and gourmet dining options, guests can immerse themselves in complete relaxation after a day on the greens.

All of these factors underscore why the Hotel Meliá Villaitana stands out. It's more than just golf; it's about offering a comprehensive, sustainable, and luxury experience that caters to the discerning traveler and golf enthusiast alike.

Hotel Meliá Villaitana's golf course with the Benidorm skyline in view

(Image credit: Hotel Meliá Villaitana)

Hosted Competitions

Given the caliber of its facilities, it's unsurprising that Meliá Villaitana has been chosen as the venue for significant national and international tournaments. From amateur championships to European Tour events, these tournaments not only spotlight the courses' excellence but also position Benidorm as a top-tier golf destination in Spain.

Benidorm's Complementary Offerings

But the experience doesn't end when one steps off the green. Being one of the main tourist hubs of the Costa Blanca, Benidorm has a wealth to offer.


After a demanding day on the golf course, there's nothing like diving into the rich local cuisine. Benidorm is a melting pot of cultures, and its food perfectly mirrors this. From exquisite rice dishes, like paella, to fresh fish and varied tapas, there's something for every palate.

And one shouldn't forget to pair these delights with a fine regional wine.


For shopping enthusiasts, Benidorm ranges from charming boutique stores to expansive shopping malls. The streets of the old town are brimming with fashion outlets, crafts, and local products that delight visitors.

Leisure and Culture

Beyond golf and shopping, Benidorm offers a myriad of activities. Its cultural offerings include museums and festivals. The beaches are an idyllic spot for relaxation or engaging in water sports. And for nature lovers, the surrounding mountains and Sierra Helada Nature Park provide hiking trails with unparalleled panoramic views.

In conclusion, Hotel Meliá Villaitana and its golf courses are a true haven for golf aficionados. Their blend of design, quality, and location make it a must-visit. When combined with the cultural richness and entertainment of Benidorm, it creates a perfect vacation package full of sport, luxury, and fun.

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