Tony Wrighton: The Americans have got ‘The Big Mo'

Sky Sports News presenter Tony Wrighton's fourth Ryder Cup column

First Day of the 2012 Ryder Cup
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Unstoppable momentum at a sporting event is sometimes referred to as ‘The Big Mo'. Successful teams are said to have it on their side, and the United States benefited from ‘The Big Mo' on the first afternoon of this Ryder Cup.   Colin Montgomerie said in commentary he'd never seen a team start a session like it, and from that the American momentum started to gather pace. Every triumphant cheer reverberated around Medinah, and the rowdy home crowd built an audible roar of energy that had its own positive effect on their team's performance   It wasn't just what they could hear, it was what the Americans could see too as they looked up at the afternoon scoreboard.   A sea of red, and that crushing lead in the first game providing further inspiration.   So how do Europe turn it around today?   Of course, they need to try and create some momentum of their own by silencing the roar.   But it won't be easy, and that's because at the moment, the Americans have got ‘The Big Mo'.   Every day during the Ryder Cup, Tony Wrighton writes a column on pressure for Golf Monthly. He is a presenter on Sky Sports' Golfing World and Sky Sports News and has written a number of best-selling books on self development and NLP techniques.   Tweet: Web:  

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