The team room plays an integral part in any successful Ryder Cup campaign. Here, Tommy Fleetwood describes his past experiences.

Fleetwood On Europe’s Team Room – “No Matter What’s Going On, Sergio Will Be In The Middle Of It.”

Over the last 10 years, Europe have dominated the Ryder Cup, claiming four of the last five events, including twice on American soil.

Obviously the victories stem from playing the better golf over the three days but the wins also come from their close bonds and strong team chemistry.

Making his debut at Le Golf National in 2018, Tommy Fleetwood is still a relative newcomer to the European Ryder Cup side. However, that hasn’t stopped the acknowledgment of how big a part Europe’s Ryder Cup team room plays on the outcome of the event.

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“I think the amazing thing about Team Europe is, from Rory McIlroy or Jon Rahm to whoever, everybody goes in on a completely even level,” said Fleetwood.

“Once you walk into Team Europe’s locker room/team room, everybody is there to help each other. I think you have strong personalities that are an essential piece of the room like, for example, no matter what’s going on, Sergio will be right in the middle of it. Then you have the calmer, quiet guys that are just a solid presence.”

The Ryder Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, with golfing (and non-golfing) fans coming together to watch three days of fierce competition!

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But people sometimes forget that the event is based solely around a group of players and their teams. “I think the thing about the Ryder Cup is when you look at it, it’s such a humongous occasion,” explained Fleetwood.

Tommy Fleetwood Sergio

Garcia and Fleetwood on the 18th green after Europe’s 17.5-10.5 win over the United States. (Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

“You see the scenes in France with hundreds of thousands of people going on channels across the world, then you have your 12 players, your wives, your caddies, captains, vice captains and the back room staff and that’s all you have.

“You don’t see anything else that week. You’re just in it together and that’s your bubble and your life isn’t your own, there’s so much to do. Then there’s eight of you going out in front of 70,000 people on a golf course which we never do.

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“So you just create this humongous bond and there’s always somebody to pick you up if you need a bit of help. There’s always somebody to turn to if you want a bit of advice and if you just want to sit there and be quiet, there’s always somebody to sit next to. It’s an amazing experience, it really is, and for such an individual sport it’s just the best occasion.”