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Victory Red wedge


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The first club in the Nike Victory Red series to appear in the bag of Tiger Woods, the Nike Victory Red forged wedge was used to great effect at the US Open. As Tiger demonstrated, the tour-inspired grind gives an increased number of shot options from all types of lie, while “High-Rev” grooves are milled into the club head at the maximum dimensions.


As with the Nike Victory Red TW blades featured last month it is clear that the Victory Red wedge is designed with Tiger in mind. It looks fantastic at address and offered plenty of control from the fairway and sand. We felt the head design meant it was best suited to fairly confident wedge players who like to nip the ball cleanly off the turf. Where next? More On Test: - Nike Victory Red Forged Split Cavity & Forged TW irons review - Nike Victory Red irons review Galleries: - Nike Victory Red Irons pictures