In this Callaway Mack Daddy CB wedge review, Joel Tadman gives the new model a test at his home club to assess how it performs on the course

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Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge


  • A forgiving, user-friendly wedge design for the mid and high handicapper still looking for good spin control and a solid feel.


  • Wide soles do limit versatility somewhat.


Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge


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Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge Review

The goal of the MD CB wedge was to provide a more user-friendly option with which to chip and pitch without sacrificing control or versatility (you can read about the technology here) and we have to say this has comfortably been achieved.


These wedges certainly look like game-improvement, cavity back irons, especially in the lower lofts (46-52°) as the faces have regular grooves and the full sole grind. Transitioning up into the higher lofts (54° and above) and the design changes into full face grooves and a slightly lower leading edge to allow you to open the clubface.


One reason you would normally open the face is to increase the bounce and make the sole less prone to digging, but that isn’t required here. The super-wide soles mean there is much more resistance with the ground at impact, so if you catch it slightly early you can still get away with it.   callaway-MD-CB-bunker-web

It also means this wedges are very effective out of bunkers, helping the club get through the sand while maintaining speed instead of diving down too deeply, too early. Wet compacted sand would be a different story, but golfers don’t face this scenario too often.

Looks-wise, these wedges are large but for nervy chippers, the extra size behind the ball may be very welcome. The leading edge is quite rounded, allowing for the shorter bottom groove, and the satin finish works well in varying light conditions.


With such a wide sole, we questioned whether the full-face grooves, which really come into their own when the ball is sliding up an open face, would be necessary. But we were surprised at how flush the leading edge sat to the ground when we opened the face of our 56° sample, given it had 14° of bounce.


This meant we were still able to play a variety of shots with it and the longer stock grip allows you to choke down more easily too. Additionally, the spin control was excellent too, with well struck shots from the fairway and sometimes the rough stopping to attention on the second or third bounce.

The forgiveness on full shots also impressed and the feel off the face was also appealing – they didn’t feel firm or harsh, they in fact followed the trend of game-improvement irons feeling and sounding softer and quieter respectively.


They may struggle on firm ground from really tight lies and don’t feel as soft as the Jaws MD5, but generally speaking these MD CB wedges make achieving good contact consistently when chipping and pitching much easier for golfers who struggle around the greens.