Under Armour Tempo Tour golf shoe review

Under Armour's most technical shoe is put through its paces

Under Armour Tempo Tour shoe
Golf Monthly Verdict

As an all-round package, the Tempo Tour delivers on all fronts. It combines excellent grip and stability with comfort and a clean, sleek aesthetic that will appeal to golfers young and old. Once the leather softens after one or two rounds, it will soon become your go-to pair in big matches and you’ll be the envy of the members at your home club.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    A very stable yet comfortable offering, providing excellent grip and performance on shots and comfort when walking between them

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    The leather is firm out of the box initially, so it will take a round or two for this to soften sufficiently

Golf Monthly's Under Armour Tempo Tour golf shoe review, a model packed full of technology to enhance stability, grip and comfort and sleek-looking package

Under Armour’s arrival to the UK golf shoe market has been one of the most anticipated in decades. Ever since Jordan Spieth was first seen in a pair and started to play the best golf of anyone in the world, golfers across the planet wanted to know what all the fuss was about.

It was mostly the Drive One model that Spieth sported and while this is coming to the UK in May 2016, it’s the Tempo Tour model that is stealing the headlines. Available in early April, Spieth wore this shoe at the 2015 FedEx Cup Tour Championships and behind it is a much stronger, more pertinent technical story.

Under Armour Tempo Tour

Under Armour’s head of cleated footwear, David Stakel, wanted to start from scratch and design a shoe that stood out from the rest. To do this, he consulted with Jean-Jacques Rivet, often referred to as JJ, a biomechanices expert based at the European Tour’s Performance Institute at Terre Blanche in the South of France.

As a result, the shoe focuses around securing the heel bone in the correct position inside the shoe. Biomechanically, this allows the rest of the body’s skeleton to move and perform most effectively.

Under Armour Tempo Tour shoe

The shoe is made of real leather, so the shoes do take some time to wear in. This is perhaps the only negative as the rest of the shoe’s construction and performance is outstanding.

Much has gone into ensuring golfers apply force and use the ground most effectively and there’s no question that stability and grip are two of the shoes’ strongest attributes. This, however, doesn’t come at the cost of comfort. There is ample underfoot cushioning that makes the shoe feel soft when walking between shots.

Under Armour Tempo Tour sole

There can be many similarities drawn between this as the FootJoy D.N.A. model, from the perforated leather and the style of laces, which is no bad thing as this is an excellent golf shoe. It also comes in at the same price of £160, and even at the premium end of the market offers decent value for money.

Those with thin feet in the mid-section may feel a little slack in this area. However, here's a little lacing trick (below) JJ Rivet showed me that creates a more snug fit on top of the foot while still allowing the toes to move for comfort.


By creating a loop between the top two islets of the shoe and then pulling the laces tight through these, you get a much more secure fit on top of your foot. This means there's less chance of the foot moving around inside the shoe, boosting stability and comfort.