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Scotty Cameron Studio Select Kombi


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The Scotty Cameron Studio Select Kombi putter by Titleist is a precision-milled putter with a thick face and three-point weighting designed for added stability during the putting stroke. Circular weights in the heel and toe allow for a variety of length and weight combinations.

This putter should suit golfers who like Scotties but lack the confidence to use a compact head. The Studio Select Kombi should also help those who need a large alignment aid to help start things on track and have trouble from short rangeMore Scotty Cameron:

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The Scotty Cameron Studio Select Kombi putter is a departure from Scotty Cameron's usual classic heads with a putter aimed at those who struggle on the greens. The large mallet head felt surprisingly light but still helped produce a consistent stroke. We reckon this is a solid option for anyone who struggles from close range.