Scotty Cameron GoLo 5

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Golf Monthly Senior Staff Writer Paul O'Hagan tests the Titleist Scotty Cameron GoLo 5 putter

Scotty Cameron GoLo 5
Golf Monthly Verdict

PGA pro verdict: This feels beautifully weighted as soon as you pick it up. The black finish is exceptionally classy, and the overall appearance will attract the eye of many golfers. I particularly love the Pistolero grip, which is noticeably thicker at the top end and encourages you to grip it correctly and make a confident stroke - By Top 25 Coach John Jacobs Test team rating: Performance: 4.5/5 Visual appeal: 5/5 Innovation: 4/5 Value: 4/5 Overall: 4.5/5

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1) Address view  - the original GoLo S features great-looking lines, and is an excellent option for those who like the feel of Scotty Cameron putters but want a forgiving mallet shape. The latest version has a more compact head, which will appeal to a wide range of players.

2) Shelf appeal - this stunning black finish has proven a big success in the Scotty Cameron Select Line. Combined with red detailing, the overall look - both on the shelf and at address - is superb.


3) Head options - two neck configurations are available for this compact mallet head - the GoLo 5 with a single bend shaft, and GoLo S5 with a straight, near-centre shaft.

4) Grip - a black Pistolero grip is standard on the entire Select line. It's thicker at the top of the grip to help it feel more stable in the golfer's hands.


5) Face design - as with the entire Select family, deeper milling on the face of the GoLo putter is designed to provide a softer feel and sound at impact compared to older Scotty Cameron models.

6) Head design - an aluminium sole plate also influences the sound and feel of the mallet at impact. The body is ten per cent smaller than the GoLo S model, a look that has been influenced by tour players. It is milled from soft 303 stainless steel.


7) Feel - the beautifully weighted head and deep milling on the face offers an outstanding feel. Although it is soft compared to many other milled faces, it remains very solid from all distances. It's a feel that most will immediately feel comfortable with.

8) Roll - thanks to the four degrees of loft - which Scotty Cameron puts on all his designs as standard - and deeper milling, the GoLo 5 produces a very consistent roll, even on greens that are less than perfect.

9) Alignment - although the alignment markings are subtle, they work well with the head shape to set the putter on the intended line at address. This is cleverly achieved without the head being distracting in any way.

10) Forgiveness - this certainly isn't a model designed for those who are having a terrible time on the greens. Heel-toe weighting and the shape of the head does help to square the putter face at impact, though. It's a classy design, which feels immediately comfortable in the hands, and will appeal to those who want a little more forgiveness than a bladed putter.

Paul joined Golf Monthly in 2006 in a junior role and has since worked as senior staff writer and now as technical editor. He writes equipment and instruction content and tests the vast majority of golf clubs that are introduced every year.