Ping PLD DS 72 Putter Review

Ping PLD DS 72 putter combines modern face balanced shape in premium milled finish

Ping PLD DS 72 Putter
(Image credit: MHopley)
Golf Monthly Verdict

The Ping PLD DS 72 putter is an excellent face balanced mallet that offers a good forgiveness and great feel from the milled forged steel head.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Excellent feel

  • +

    Clear alignment lines

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    No offset hosel option

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The Ping PLD DS 72 putter is one of four models launched in the 2022 range and is one of the more modern looking shapes, but with hints of some of the classic face balanced mallets from Ping’s history.

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The head is milled from premium forged 303 stainless steel and the face features the Deep AMP aggressive milling pattern that helps to make the putter sound softer at impact. The feel is very good, as you would expect from a forged head. In these days of hi-tech inserts, a classic metal face that feels good is great to see and will provide great feedback no matter what level of putter you are.

Ping PLD DS 72 Putter Face

(Image credit: MHopley)

The DS 72 shape has appeared in previous Ping ranges and in the PLD version it now comes with a straight double bend hosel to give a face balanced putter that with suit those with a straight stroke. At address the deep curved head features heel and toe weighting and has hints of classic Ping mallets of the past about it.

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The long white alignment line on the trailing edge sits in a slot that is about the same width as the golf ball to ensure that you are pointing correctly. The deep wide sole feels smooth to the touch and features a very gentle camber from the centre to each side to lie perfectly at address.

Ping PLD DS 72 Putter address

(Image credit: MHopley)

The PLD DS 72 has a very clean look at address and the top line leading edge is not too thick and provides the contrast alignment to ensure the face is square. Combining this with the double bend shaft gives you a clear view of the ball.

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The no-nonsense look continues with the stepless steel shaft that comes with a PP58 mid-size blackout grip that has a flat front, pistol shape at the top and a tacky feel that really sits well in your hand. The Ping logo is subtly coloured in silver and the putter is finished off with a slightly less restrained white head cover which looks pretty cool.

Ping PLD DS 72 Putter Review

(Image credit: MHopley)

The Ping PLD DS 72 putter combines the style of classic Ping putters with a modern shape that provides a decent level of forgiveness and excellent feel from the modern manufacturing and face technology. It’s not particularly cheap, but as a milled all-metal putter you do get what you pay for and the DS 72 is well worth the investment in your game.

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