Ping 2022 Tomcat 14 Putter Review

What did we make of the new Ping 2022 Tomcat 14 putter?

Ping 2022 Tomcat 14 Putter address
(Image credit: MHopley)
Golf Monthly Verdict

Ping 2022 Tomcat 14 is a well-made and very forgiving high MOI putter that delivers solid performance. The looks are a little functional and the sound is a bit muted from the aluminium face, but this doesn't detract from an otherwise excellent forgiving mallet putter.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Very forgiving design

  • +

    Solid feel

  • +

    Nice grip

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Alignment lines could be visually stronger

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The Ping 2022 Tomcat 14 putter continues the shape that was popular in the Ping Heppler Tomcat putter and integrates it into the look and feel of the 2022 range. Out goes the bronze and in comes a silver 304 stainless steel sole plate that sits below the black aluminium body.

Ping 2022 Tomcat 14 Putter

(Image credit: MHopley)

The steel sole plate is a heavier material and therefore keeps the weight low and pushes it right back into the rear corners of the shape under the two wings. This is done to maximise the MOI of the head so that it does not twist as much offline if you don’t strike the ball in the middle of the face.

In this respect the Ping 2022 Tomcat 14 is one of the best forgiving putters as the ball speed was very consistent across the face, which means any mishits go the same distance as a good one and therefore you are more likely to get the ball to the hole.

Ping 2022 Tomcat 14 Putter address

(Image credit: MHopley)

Combined with the double bend steel shaft, the Tomcat 14 is a face balanced mallet putter and will suit those who have a straight stroke and need maximum forgiveness. The large head provides this and creates confidence at address.

There are a number of visual alignment aids going on with the space between the two bars that run front to back and also the open rectangle between them that can assist with keep the face square to the target line. The two lines of dots down each bar decrease in spacing from front to back which is supposed to "simulate motion, help with eye tracking, and frame the ball".  For some this may work but I am not feeling it, and I would probably prefer the spacing going the other way, more dots evenly spaced or even just solid lines so that they stand out more. 

Ping 2022 Tomcat 14 Putter headcover

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The Tomcat 14 is the heaviest putter in the Ping 2022 range, which is not surprising given the high MOI design is likely to end up in hands that may need calmed down. Like a lot of the best mallet putters, the rear weighting does encourage it to want to sit back on its haunches at address so you will need to keep those hands forward so it sits straight.

The solid feel during the stroke is not fully reflected in the sound form the softer aluminium face and maybe the Pebax insert from models such as the Ping 2022 Mundy putter might have performed better.

Ping 2022 PP58 putter grip

(Image credit: MHopley)

The steel double bend shaft comes with an excellent PP58 grip and can also be upgraded to any adjustable length shaft which could also help those looking for more forgiveness. It would also be good to see this head on the armlock shaft version of the Ping 2022 DS72 Armlock putter

Overall though the Ping 2022 Tomcat 14 is a well-made and very forgiving high MOI putter that delivers solid performance in a functional style. Just what you would expect from one of the best Ping putters.

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