Wilson Staff C200 irons review

They're said to offer distance and forgiveness with a soft feel but do they deliver?

Golf Monthly Verdict

The C200 iron is an innovative product that will suit a broad spectrum of ball-striking abilities. The C200 is an all-round package offering distance and forgiveness at a competitive price.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    A comprehensive all-round package that delivers distance, good feel with forgiveness on off-centre strikes.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Good players may want something more compact. The slots on top won’t be to everyone’s taste visually.

The Golf Monthly Test Team's Wilson Staff C200 irons review, a club that features Power Holes around the clubhead to increase ball speed as well as stability.

Key Technology At the core of the Wilson Staff’s new C200 iron is FLX Face Technology, which minimises the contact points between the inner clubhead and the face through Power Holes positioned all the way around the clubhead. This maximises face flexion at impact, as only 24 per cent of the face is actually connected to the chassis.

The Power Holes are filled with urethane to deliver the soft impact feel that many golfers prefer. The steel shaft option in the C200 is the KBS Tour 90 while the graphite option is the Aldila Rogue Pro (£599).

Will Suit A wide range of players looking for distance and forgiveness but without too firm a feel.

Wilson Staff C200 irons

GM Review

Looks We’ve seen slots in irons before. but the C200 takes this to another level. They appear all around the perimeter of the head, so you can see three of them at address along the topline. This is unusual, and does take a little getting used to, as does the slightly rounded leading edge.

Performance While the C200 has a look that leans toward the better players’ category, it offers much more distance than most ‘better-player’ irons, even with relatively traditional lofts.

Everyone will enjoy the pretty soft feel at impact thanks to the urethane element behind the face, while the forgiveness on offer was very impressive, maintaining good distance and accuracy from heel and toe mishits.

The shape and size strikes a nice balance between inspiring confidence while offering playability and there's no doubt an element of workability available that will please good ball strikers.

The stock KBS Tour 90 is the lightest steel shaft KBS offer so this should help a lot of players get more club speed and launch while better players may need to switch to something heavier for a more optimum trajectory.