We give our verdict on the Titleist TSi3 hybrid, one of our favourite hybrid clubs from 2021.

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Titleist TSi3 Hybrid


  • Unparalleled adjustability for a hybrid while providing fast ball speeds and excellent distance.


  • Unforgiving from off-centre hits compared to the competition.


Titleist TSi3 Hybrid


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Titleist TSi3 Hybrid Review

From the three hybrids that Titleist has released this year, the TSi3 is the model aimed primarily at the better player and it certainly delivers on a number of fronts.

Watch: Joel Tadman tests the best hybrids on the market on the range at JCB Golf & Country Club, including the Titleist TSi3

Titleist knows its market for this club and the feel, looks and amount of adjustability it has provided in this club is ideal for the player who wants to fine-tune a precise shot shape with an important club in the bag.


Titleist sees its hybrids as scoring clubs rather than rescue clubs and the TSi3 is designed to help you be more aggressive with shots and attack the course, rather than get you out of sticky situations.

The stand out feature of the TSi3 hybrid is the adjustability and there is a comprehensive adjustable loft sleeve and adjustable sole weight to help you fine-tune more precisely than any other hybrid currently on the market.

The SureFit loft sleeve gives you 16 individual loft and lie settings and the adjustable sole weight allows you to either encourage or negate a certain shot shape on course.

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So, while the TSi3 only comes in two loft options – 18° and 20° – there are ample ways to get this hybrid to you exact specifications.

While we loved how much adjustability the TSi3 offered, it also stood out to us with the distance it was able to produce when testing.


The average 219 yards of carry was up there with the longest of the hybrids we tested this year and the ball speed shows how fast this hybrid is off the face.

It creates a satisfyingly muted note off the face and the toe-heavy shape should appeal to the eye of the better player.

The smaller head does make this club a little unforgiving from off centre hits, but that has to be expected from a club head of this size and a target market of lower handicap players that want their hybrid to look more like an iron.


A complete hybrid for the lower handicap player. The adjustability makes this club stand out from the rest, and its distance and workability make it a great scoring club at the top of the bag.