We try the Nutrition-X Hydra-10 hydration tablets and powder to see how they help our performance out on course.

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Nutrition-X Hydra-10


  • A great way to stay hydrated throughout a round of golf with added vitamins too. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans too.


  • Blackcurrant flavour is quite sweet.


Nutrition-X Hydra-10 Tablets and Powder


Price as reviewed:

£7.99 (for 20 tablets, £24.99 for 500g powder)

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Nutrition-X Hydra-10 Tablets and Powder Review

Dehydration can seriously, adversely affect both physical and mental on-course performance.

Of course, drinking plenty of water can stop this from happening, but often golf courses don’t have sufficient hydration stations around the course, leaving your water bottle empty before you’ve even made it to the back nine.

Effective use of a hydration formula like Nutrition-X Hydra-10 can significantly reduce the risk of dehydration, helping you to keep playing, and concentrating to the best of your ability.

There are many hydration formulas on the market, but there are a few reasons why Hydra-10 from Nutrition-X are among the best.

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It’s very light, does not cause gut issues and it comes in either in a large tub, which will allow you to make up at home, or handy tablets that can be dropped into a bottle of water from the clubhouse.

Having one of these during the front nine and one for the back nine will keep you well hydrated and on the ball.

It doesn’t only replace the key electrolytes your body needs – those lost through sweat – it also contains vitamin B6 which can also boost your energy levels and help get you over the line.

The Hydra 10 capsules from Nutrition-X will keep you hydrated and focused when playing or practicing, allowing you to push right to the end of your round or practice session.

There are 20 tablets in a pack, 500g in a tub and you dissolve one in 200ml of water or three scoops in 500ml.

Leave the tablets in your golf bag, pop one into a bottle of water to dissolve, and you’ll be sorted for the entirety of your round.

Tablets and powder are fast-acting and dissolve quickly, will boost hydration before, during and after golf and contains less than 1.5g of carbs per serving.

The product contains sodium, magnesium and calcium plus a selection of vitamins: B3, B5, E and B6.

Available in blackcurrant and lemon flavours, the Hydra 10 capsules are nut free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


An excellent hydration companion for the golf course. It's light, easy to make up and provides the extra boost you'll need to maintain performance throughout a round of golf.