Golf Monthly's GolfBuddy LR4 review, a laser rangefinder with three operational modes and a new ergonomic shape to make swift use much easier.

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GolfBuddy LR4 laser rangefinder


  • A serious contender in the laser rangefinder market, the LR4 boasts three simple modes that assist you in all on-course situations you may call upon it.


  • The lack of battery meter means you’ll need to ensure you have a spare battery in your bag for when the time comes.


GolfBuddy LR4 laser


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Key technology
The LR4 laser’s outer casing has been reshaped to fit more snugly in the golfer’s palm. The top grip section has been flattened slightly and the finger locators redesigned to make it even easier to find and press the power button. The eyepiece is easier to grip and smoother to turn. Finally, the GolfBuddy LR4 is equipped with three operational modes for different on-course scenarios.

GM Review
A boxier shape seemed to fit just as well in the hand as other, more slimline lasers. While it has three modes, the Scan and Flag modes will be most popular, picking out continuous points and the flag respectively from the background.

Overall, it’s a joy to use. It’s slightly heavier than most other lasers but that doesn’t affect the usability, and the grippy texture of the casing helps you keep a firm hold. Switching modes using your thumb is a doddle. It picked out the flag quickly and the focus was easy to adjust. The smart case that’s included was the icing on the cake.

The boxier shape may not suit golfers with smaller hands, while the absence of a battery meter could catch you out at a crucial moment on the course. Those who play in glasses or sunglasses will be pleased with the user-friendly eyepiece. Overall, the LR4 offers everything a golfer needs at a competitive price.



Offering accuracy, ease of use and a variety of functions at an extremely competitive price, the GolfBuddy LR4 is a serious player in the laser rangefinder market. Add in stylish looks, and its appeal knows no bounds.