Cobra Radspeed Fairway

Our verdict on the Radspeed fairway wood from Cobra

Cobra Radspeed Fairway Review
Golf Monthly Verdict

Given everything all the positives we’ve highlighted here, the value for money here is sensational. It looks great, is versatile, forgiving both off-centre and through the strike, plus it is adaptable to suit your game, a specific course or conditions. 

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Fast, forgiving and extremely versatile. Very effective out of the rough. Arguably the best value fairway wood of 2021.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not the cleanest look on top where the face meets the crown.

In this Cobra Radspeed Fairway review, Joel Tadman tests it out on the course to see what golfers can expect from the performance

Cobra Radspeed Fairway Review

We recently crowned this club the best fairway wood of 2021 so clearly, the Cobra Radspeed has a lot going for it.

At address, the Radspeed has an inviting profile that sits squarely behind the ball. You could also its only weak point is it gets a bit messy where the CNC Milled face meets the crown, although some will argue this actually assists with alignment.


Strike a few shots away and you immediately notice it offering up an explosive feel at impact across the face, just like we experienced with the Cobra Radspeed drivers.

In terms of ball speed, it averaged just under 149mph with a healthy launch in excess of 14° from the deck, even in 14.5° of loft, with spin just under 2900rpm.

As a result the flight was strong, leading to carries on average of 243 yards - making it one of the longest fairway woods we’ve tested this year.

While being long, it is the Baffler sole rails that set this club apart, extracting the ball surprisingly cleanly from iffy lies to ensure any loss of height and carry distance is minimised. These aren’t too pronounced that would cause the club to bounce up from firm turf, but gentle enough to keep the head gliding along the top of the ground and not dig down into it either.

It always amazes us that more manufacturers don’t implement something similar on their fairway woods because the performance benefits are obvious.


While it packs plenty of punch, this doesn’t come at the detriment of control - it has become our fairway-finding club off the tee.

The adjustable loft means it can be fine-tuned to hit the distance or flight window you want plus there are four different versions to cater for every player type, including the slice-fighting Radspeed Draw and rocket-launching Radspeed Big Tour, which is as close to a driver as a fairway wood is likely to get.