Wilson Duo Soft+ Golf Ball Review

The Wilson Duo Soft+ golf ball is put to the test to see how it performs on the golf course

Wilson Duo Soft+ Golf Ball Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

The Wilson Duo Soft+ golf ball is definitely soft and offers good value for money with a decent amount of control around the green

Reasons to buy
  • +

    It's very soft

  • +

    Good value for money

  • +

    Decent control around green

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not much sound at impact

Wilson claim the Duo Soft+ golf ball is the world’s softest and with a compression rating of 35 it is certainly hard to dispute that claim.

They also claim the Duo Soft+ is the longest 2-piece premium golf ball and whilst it is made up of 2 pieces in a core and a cover, with an RRP of under £20 a dozen it probably does not qualify as premium.

It is however good value for money as the polybutadiene core is enhanced with something called zinc pentachlorothiophenol to transfer more of the energy from your swing into distance.

As with most soft golf balls there is an upper limit on the speed that can take advantage of low compression balls so if your driver swing speed is under 90mph then this could be the ball for you.

The Wilson Duo Soft+ is a low spinning ball so it gets its distance from being launched high and the 302 dimple pattern is designed to help you do this.

On the fairways and pitching around the greens the mid to high flight is noticeable and that steeper landing angle will create the stop rather than the spin.

Wilson Duo Soft+ Golf Ball Review

(Image credit: MH)

That said the Surlyn cover is quite responsive for a 2 piece ball and the control was surprisingly good on pitches and chips.

The Duo Soft+ does sound soft though, which apart from the price is why you would buy this ball. Some may like this feel and sound at impact, but personally I prefer a little more audible feedback on putts, especially with an insert putter. Sometimes if you putt the Duo Soft+ with your eyes closed you are not sure whether you have actually hit the ball.

So if you want a soft sound and feel at impact, have a mid to low swing speed, can launch it high and like a good value golf ball with a decent amount of control on the green, then the Wilson Duo Soft+ ball is for you.