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D201 balls


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Clubhouse Golf

Key technology:

Designed to be a distance ball, but with a softer feel than most in this category, Mizuno’s ‘Cross Core’ is engineered with internal fins that should reduce backspin off the tee to increase distance. Hang time should also be boosted by a seamless cover with a drag-reducing 366 dimples. The ionomer cover should provide the soft and responsive feel.

Will suit… players after a mid-price ball that still feels soft.


GM verdict: The D201 represents excellent value for several reasons. It is extremely durable, withstanding a pitching and chipping session followed by a round on the course. Distance is decent and certainly up there with far more expensive premium options. As promised, the ball felt much softer than other distance balls, particularly off the putter face. Along with the MP-S premium offering, Mizuno has made an impressive entry into the competitive UK ball market. But... the ball feels very soft off the putter and wedge face, but when playing on firm greens it won't spin as much on approach shots compared with the Mizuno MP-S or other premium-priced balls. PGA PRO Verdict: Mizuno has produced another excellent ball here, as these were long from the tee, while offering great feel around the greens. I was able to control the distance and spin on all my pitch shots, and varying the trajectory was really straightforward from all distances. They also felt really nice to putt with - soft but also confidence-inspiring. So, as an all-round ball, this is a great product, particularly if you do not want to pay a premium price for a ball with a urethane cover, but still want one which has a soft feel. Test team rating: Performance: 4/5 Durability: 5/5 Innovation: 3.5/5 Value: 4/5 Overall: 4/5