Motocaddy AquaFlex Stand Bag Review - Joel Tadman tests out the new Motocaddy AquaFlex Stand Bag out on the golf course

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Motocaddy AquaFlex Stand Bag Review


  • Useful features, versatility for easy use on a trolley, excellent protection from the elements and ample storage.


  • Straps could do more to allow the bag to sit more horizontally. Limited colour choices.


Motocaddy AquaFlex Stand Bag


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Motocaddy AquaFlex Stand Bag Review

Motocaddy’s electric trolleys and cart bags are a popular choice among serious golfers but stand bag users looking for a matching pair have been left wanting. That is, until now…

Stand bags offer the versatility of carrying when just nipping to the range or when playing a quick nine holes on a summer’s evening. The Motocaddy AquaFlex is comfortably equipped for this but is also an ideal full-time option given the level of features on offer.


Piece of mind comes from the waterproof protection, knowing your belongings will be safe and dry in the heaviest of rain showers regardless of which of the five spacious pockets they are stored in.

The process of carrying is made easier by the self-leveling Smart-Fit straps, which do a good job of allowing the weight to be spread evenly across the shoulders – although we think it could be more efficient in making the bag lie closer to horizontal when walking.

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That said, they’re very thick and padded which cushions the blow of carrying the extra weight of waterproofs and other items you might want to store, like a drinks bottle – which can be housed in the insulated drinks pouch to keep cool.

Another good thing about the straps is that you can take them off via the removeable clips for when using the bag on a trolley, a feature that not many other bags offer.

Use on a trolley is made even easier by the leg retaining strap and the Easilock connection system, which uses two pins that slot into the base of any Motocaddy trolley. This removes the need for a lower bag strap and keeps the trolley in place more effectively.

Many will enjoy the simplicity of the five-way top that allows for the quick and easy removal of clubs while the large grab handle makes it easy to pull out of your car on arrival at the course.

The waterproof zips are surprisingly free of friction, meaning you can open them with one hand.

The styling of the bag is very modern and it fits perfectly on a variety of electric and push trolleys. While it comes in three different colours of trim, some may have preferred more choice when it comes to the main block colour aside from grey.


All in all, this is a thoughtful, versatile stand bag offering a high level of features and protection that allows you to focus on your game instead of the mundane logistics of transporting your kit around the golf course.