In this Galvin Green Action Jacket review, Joel Tadman takes it out on the course in some questionable weather to assess how it performs

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Galvin Green Action Jacket


  • Exceptional levels of protection and breathability combined with impressive levels of stretch to maximise range of motion.


  • Premium price tag will be too difficult for some to justify.


Galvin Green Action Jacket


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Clubhouse Golf

Galvin Green Action Jacket Review

The greatest compliment you can pay a waterproof jacket is that you don’t notice you are wearing it when you play and Galvin Green has incorporated numerous new features to make sure this is the case in its new Action jacket.


This top-of-the-range garment is, of course, 100 per cent waterproof thanks to the industry-leading Gore-Tex membrane, waterproof zips and DWR finish on the fabric that ensures water beads off quickly.

But it also crammed full of golf-specific enhancements that make playing in the rain almost as enjoyable as when its dry.

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The innovation we appreciated the most when testing it out on the course was the Gore-Tex Superstretch inserts. Located on the back, elbows and shoulders – these highly flexible panels made up of lots of tiny hexagons ensure full freedom of movement is maintained, so you don’t lose out on distance or timing when trying to execute that crucial shot in a downpour.


The other thing that helps maximise movement is the C-Knit backer, which, with its super-smooth surface, reduces friction with the clothing underneath and ensures its easy to slide your arms in quickly if an unexpected shower quickly sweeps in.

Bag carriers will also enjoy the reinforced Techsteel sections on the shoulders and lower back that provide extra durability in areas that come under stress when walking with your bag. Lugging your clubs around can cause you to build up a sweat, even on a cold day, but the breathability of the Action jacket means you don’t overheat.

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To battle the wintery conditions we tested it, we combined it with the Gore-Tex Paclite Arthur trousers, Dominic Insula full-zip for warmth and the eye-catching Mitchell polo along with the snazzy Derry snood. The pieces worked well together to keep us warm, dry and comfortable so we could focus on our game.


You can create a snug but still unrestrictive fit too that eliminates excess fabric getting in the way with the adjustable cuffs (which are specifically shaped for a golfer’s needs), adjustable chest width via the Velcro straps under the armpits, and even a drawstring that adjusts the collar width to help prevent water entry down the back of your neck.


Front pockets top off what is a functional and convenient garment, equipped with all the features a golfer needs to play their best in the rain. It’s windproof and looks the part too, so you may well find yourself wearing it more than you think, which is exactly what you want from a garment with a premium price tag.


Clearly no stone has been left unturned in creating the Action jacket. The features included will genuinely make a difference to a golfer's mindset when playing in the rain, embracing the challenge rather than dreading it, because they will be properly equipped to take it on.