We test out the vanilla and chocolate flavoured protein shakes from Max Golf Protein to see how they taste and how they help performance and recovery on the golf course.

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Max Golf Protein Shake


  • A healthy way to boost energy. Ideal before, during or after a round to aid recovery and keep you sharp on the course.


  • Possibly too sweet for some, especially the Vanilla flavour.


Max Golf Protein Shake


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£24.00 (pack of 8 )

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Max Golf Protein Shake Review

Max Golf Protein has been providing golfers with healthy, nutritional and tasty products to aid recovery and supplement golf rounds since 2015.

We recently tried the Max Golf Protein Hydration Drink and well as its Protein Bar and were seriously impressed with how they tasted and how they helped us maintain energy throughout a round of golf.

The company has now added protein shakes to its catalogue of products and the results are similarly enjoyable to drink and beneficial to golf performance.

We tried both flavours – chocolate and vanilla – and both have the smooth, creamy texture you’d expect from a milkshake with all the added benefits of a high protein, low fat and sugar free drink.

These are certainly best consumed chilled before a round of golf and we found doing this gave us a welcome energy boost to start our round off on the right note.

If you’ve arrived late to the course or didn’t quite have enough time for breakfast or lunch before you play, the Max Golf Protein Shake is a great way to quickly get some energy without resorting to a sugary, fatty snack or energy drink that will likely cause you to crash mid-round.

They don’t perform like a conventional, sugary energy drink and we found the energy provided by the protein shakes is slowly released throughout the round without an unwanted sugar rush.

We did try them half way through a round, but didn’t find them as enjoyable at room temperature.

If you have a good cooler pocket in your stand bag, this is a great way to enjoy the Max Golf Protein Shake as a healthier energy boost at the halfway house, rather than a traditional bacon or sausage sandwich.

We also tried them after a round of golf – as you would use a protein shake after a gym session – and found it helped with recovery in terms of reducing tiredness.

Obviously no round of golf is as strenuous as a 45 minute gym session – unless you have a particularly arduous round – but it’s great to have a healthy post-round option in the fridge that tastes good.

The chocolate flavour was a clear favourite of ours – it really does just taste like a melted chocolate ice cream – but the vanilla flavour was enjoyable too, if a little sweet for some of our pallets.


Another tasty and healthy golf supplement from Max Golf Protein. Whether for an energy boost before a round or as a way to aid recovery, these should be a staple in the refrigerator of any health conscious golfer