We put the MacWet Climatec Winter Gloves to the test to find out how they cope in the wind and rain

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MacWet Winter Climatec Golf Glove


  • A very comfortable set of gloves that fit well and provide excellent protection from the winter elements.


  • For half the price or less, consumers may put their trust in more golf-specific brands.


MacWet Climatec Winter Gloves

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MacWet Climatec Winter Gloves Review

Being equipped to play golf in any and all conditions can be worth countless shots as we get into the off-season. So, if you’re the type who likes to log hours on the course year round, it’s about time you started to think about your winter wardrobe.

And we’re not just talking about waterproof tops and bottoms, although they are also important. No, an often-overlooked bit of apparel is the wet weather golf glove, and it’s for that reason we put the MacWet Climatec Winter Gloves to the test. 

The first thing to say about this product is that it not only protects from rain, but it also delivers exceptional warmth when the temperature drops. For as long as we kept them on, the impact of the elements was minimised.

In fact, the wetter it got, the more grip we found we had. This is thanks to the Aquatec microfibre material used in manufacturing on the fingers and the palm. Even in conditions worse than we would normally play in, we still retained enough grip on the club and feeling in our hands to get the ball round.

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In truth, the biggest hurdle we had to overcome was getting used to playing golf with two gloves on. Making the transition into a left-handed winter glove is fairly seamless, but getting comfortable enough to swing with both on took a few rounds.

One of the things that made it a little easier was the fit and feel provided. It goes without saying that a new pair of gloves, whether golf-related or not, should be comfortable, and thankfully, these were. 

Even without putting them on, the fabric has a premium feel to it – these are definitely up there among the best golf gloves for winter. Additionally, the elasticated cuff and velcro closure system deliver a snug and precise fit, while stretch properties further enhance this attribute plus allow for freedom of finger movement.

There are also a whopping eight sizes to choose from for men and women, and the fact they can be put through the wash without losing performance is the icing on the cake.

Being able to trust your equipment when the heavens open and the temperature drops is essential, and this set of winter gloves provides this and then some.

MacWet Climatec Winter Gloves Review


We were very pleasantly surprised during testing. This set of winter gloves provides everything a golfer could wish for during the winter months. They are comfortable, fit great and, most importantly, deliver plenty of warmth and grip in the rain.