Clean Flight Golf Ball Washer

Does this Clean Flight Golf Ball Washer provide a more convenient way to keep your balls dirt free?

clean flight golf ball washer review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

A more hygienic and personal way to clean your balls on the course. While some will see it as bothersome, others will embrace the added convenience. Certainly worth a try if you’re fed up with wetting your towel or licking your dirty fingers to clean your prized Pro V1.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Easy to use

  • +

    Cleans ball all around well

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Clunky on the side of your bag

Clean Flight Golf Ball Washer Review

While Covid-19 rules at golf courses have near enough been fully relaxed, at many locations communal ball washers remain out of use.

The safety of golfers is of course, paramount, but also important is the ability to thoroughly clean our golf ball on the tee or elsewhere when preferred lies are in operation.

A wet towel can sort of do the job, but perhaps this Clean Flight golf ball washer provides a more efficient and convenient experience?

clean flight golf ball washer

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It boasts a hexagonal design and when empty weighs 350g, so it’s heavy enough when full that you’ll just about notice it if you carry your bag but not to the point that it’s going to give you back or shoulder ache. If you use an electric trolley, it’s a non issue.

It clips easily to your bag via the included carabiner and the suggested cleaning solution bottle also attaches easily via the same method. While the bottle is very small (30ml), you only need to use one drop per mix so it should last you a long time.

To use, half fill the washer with water and then add a drop of the solution. Unscrew the lid and lift it out, place the ball in the hole and then plunge the ball in. The variable brush system oscillates the ball inside so the entire ball gets a good scrubbing.

clean flight golf ball washer

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Our testing showed that pretty much every time, our dirty balls came out looking spotless all over - it really works like a fixed ball washer.

Sometimes when we removed the lid, the pressure inside caused water to spill out getting our hands wet, which was annoying, but this only happens occasionally.

Overall, it’s hard to fault how this product performed. It’s a bit clunky on the side of the bag and may rattle against other items you have clipped onto your bag, like a membership tag or groove cleaning brush, but after a while you’ll probably forget it’s there.

In the winter, you'll probably find yourself using it on every hole, which means you'll get some decent value for money. We'd also say it is one of the best golf gifts for dads should you be looking to treat them to something golf-related and useful.