Viral Video Shows Scary Moment Golf Club Captain Hits Crowd With Opening Drive

This is not the start to the year that this club captain would have been hoping for

Captain's drive in
(Image credit: Twitter: Don Clark)

Golf has some fantastic traditions, many of which are centuries old and will most likely still be honored at golf clubs around the world many years from now.

There’s one, however, that many a golfer to have served as the club captain will have wished had never existed – the captain’s drive in.

Many a former golf club captain will have experienced the embarrassment that comes immediately after hitting a shot similar to the one below. 

It’s tradition at many golf clubs for the new captain to take office after hitting a drive… watched by hundreds of his or her fellow members, many of whom will have had a refreshment or two beforehand.

This was what the new captain at Chislehurst Golf Club in Kent, England was facing recently – a tee shot in front of the grand clubhouse and dozens of spectators there to offer their ‘support’.

Everything about the pre shot routine suggested that this was one fairly competent golfer (which could well be the case), but the new captain struck a horrid tee shot that appeared to take once quick bounce before hitting a spectator.

There were comedy cheers, the like of which are witnessed at the Ryder Cup, as the new club captain took his practice swings, after which the gentleman settled in behind the ball.

“Right, here we go,” he said confidently. There was then a pause and more laughter, before the golfer, who was braving a pair of shorts, topped the ball violently to his left.

Oohs and aahs were audible on the video that was shared by @Donolphin31 on X, who said: “Just because you are the New captain of the Club doesn’t mean you are the best player, especially under pressure.”

The remark was accompanied with #CaptainsDriveIn and several emojis that must have summarised how the golfer would have been feeling - embarrassed.

In fairness to the new captain, he does appear to have a good-looking swing, and his finishing position was pretty much textbook.

It’s not known whether anyone was seriously injured by the stray shot, although it’s unlikely that the video would have been shared had someone been hurt badly.

It could be a long 12 months for the new captain.

Michael Weston
Contributing editor

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