Wilson Staff Spine driver: First Look EXCLUSIVE

Grab yourself a sneak preview of the latest 'unusually-shaped' driver launch - Wilson Staff's Spine model - ahead of its spring 2008 arrival....

This week we bring you an EXCLUSIVE sneak preview of Wilson Staff?s new Spine driver, set to hit the shelves early next year. Unusual driver shapes perhaps no longer raise the eyebrows like they once did, but this is another interesting variation on the high Moment of Inertia theme in a head shape that lies halfway between square and bullet-shaped.

The aim, as with all drivers of this genre, is maximum clubhead stability and an ideal weighting platform to deliver high-launching, low-spinning drives. The ?Spine? name stems from a front-to-back ridge on top of the clubhead that helps reinforce the face behind the central impact area to boost ball speed and therefore distance.

It boasts a high-lustre rich black finish and a highly distinctive white/grey/black UST V2 shaft that has split initial office opinion between ?smart? and ?not for me? (the split perhaps bearing a strong correlation to age!).

GM initial verdict: This club is so new that we haven?t yet had time to get out there and hit it, but it seems to sit well behind the ball, and it?s easy to adapt visually to the shape. The shaft is definitely quite ?young? but then plenty of us wish we were younger than we are! Look out for a full playing verdict in a future issue of the magazine.


ProForce UST V2 HMOI shaft

9, 10.5 and 12 degree lofts

Available February 2008

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