Shallow cavities and blades are what Titleist traditionally does best and early impressions of the ZB and ZM sets are true to form. The ?Z-Muscle? on both the ZB and ZM irons is designed to move weight from the heel to the toe in order to optimise the centre of gravity and improve feel, launch angle and spin.

The ZB set is a combo line-up that features cavity-back long irons (2-4) for playability, partial-cavity mid irons (5-7) and muscle-back short irons (8-P) for shot control. The clubs have a progressive blade length with the long irons slightly bigger than the short. The ?Z-Muscle? adds a modern take on traditional design with impressive results.

The ZM muscle-backs will appeal to low handicappers and excellent ball strikers. These fantastic looking clubs have a constant blade length and minimal offset throughout the set. They are seriously intimidating at address and will undoubtedly provide masses of feedback to top-level golfers.