Dominic Griffiths, Ping’s European Player Manager, reveals the gentle and caring nature of the fiery Tyrrell Hatton with a story about his relationship with caddie Mick Donaghy.


The Softer Side Of Tyrrell Hatton

Tyrrell Hatton has a reputation for running hot and showing his anger and frustration on the golf course, but he’s a very different character when he doesn’t have a golf club in his hands.

Dominic Griffiths knows Hatton well and he recounted a story on the Filthy Lipout golf podcast that will make you view the 29-year-old in a very different light.

Griffiths was with Hatton on the range at this year’s Omega Dubai Desert Classic, the week after England’s top-ranked golfer won his sixth European Tour title in Abu Dhabi, as the pair waited for caddie Mick Donaghy to arrive.

“His caddie Mick wasn’t feeling great,” Griffiths recalls.

“He had a bad knee, and he was late for the pro-am. Tyrrell is five in the world and you’re like, ‘come on, this is serious, you can’t be doing that’. But Mick came hobbling over onto the range, and Tyrrell saw him coming over.

“He had a leg brace or a bandage that he needed to put on. Tyrrell went over to the water box, wiped down the water box with his towel, and Mick sat down.

“Tyrrell helped him put the strapping on his leg. There’s a lot of nice players on tour, but there aren’t many that would really look after him in that way.”

Griffiths went on to expand on the fruitful partnership, which has secured four wins since they started working together in May 2019, including a breakthrough PGA Tour victory at the 2020 Arnold Palmer Invitational.

“Tyrrell’s had a few of his mates on the bag, and he’s always liked a friendly person on the bag, but Mick is a bit no-nonsense,” Griffiths said.

“Some caddies, if they’re a bit afraid, the player doesn’t want to see that cautiousness. And Mick doesn’t really care.

“It’s like, ‘well you’ve hit it over there in the water, you deal with it. Or you’ve banged your club, it doesn’t really matter, here’s the number, this is the shot, get on with it’.

“I think Tyrrell likes that relationship. It is a business relationship, and he has to do his job correctly – and Tyrrell and his management are very aware there’s an important role to be filled there.

“But certainly, the style Mick has got, I think has suited him very well.”

Griffiths spoke about a number of other subjects on Filthy Lipout, including working with Lee Westwood, Bubba Watson and Louis Oosthuizen, Ping’s player recruitment policy, how he custom fits the best players in the world and getting the opportunity to present a gold putter to Seve Ballesteros.

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