Europe's 2014 Ryder Cup-winning captain says he is in favour of bifurcation amid longer hitting distances on tour


McGinley On Bifurcation: ‘Open The Doors For Amateurs To Use Different Clubs’

Bifurcation, where professionals use different equipment to amateurs, is always a big topic in golf and is once again being spoken about this week after Colin Montgomerie’s recent comments.

Monty said that “the time has come” for bifurcation and that he endorses Jack Nicklaus’ idea of a tournament ball that travels 80-85% what it currently does.

The topic is back in the limelight after newly-bulked-up Bryson DeChambeau averaged over 340 yards at the Charles Schwab Challenge.

Colin Montgomerie’s fellow winning European Ryder Cup captain Paul McGinley recently told Golf Monthly that “the horse has bolted” and he has always been  a believer in bifurcation.

“I think the game of golf is a very difficult game and the horse has bolted. The governing bodies have let the horse bolt which is really disappointing because the distance the top players are hitting the ball now is ginormous,” McGinley told Golf Monthly.

“Secondly the way the horse has bolted is a problem because the greater your ball speed the greater benefit you get from modern technology.

“So the more you bend the face, the more spring you get, the more spring you get the more distance you have.

“So they have really played into the hands of the already powerful which is really disappointing.

“I have always been a believer in bifurcation.

“I think the game is is very difficult for the normal player, the average handicap of the world is 18 and what I would be in favour of is restricting.

“Restricting the technology rules around the equipment they can use.

“It would make the game easier for them while at the same time holding the professionals where they are and not going any further forward than they are.

“If anything slightly regressing it a little bit. That’s what I believe in.

“Personally I would hold the top level where it is now, absolutely make it stringent so they cant go any further in terms of technology but at the same time I would open up the doors for amateurs to use different, and the technology companies to create different, new ways, new golf clubs and new balls that will help the amateur play a game that is incredibly difficult.”

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Listen to Paul McGinley on last month’s podcast:

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