Matt Wallace Reunites With Caddie Dave McNeilly

The pair split last year but are back together with the goal of winning a Major

Matt Wallace Reunites With Caddie
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The pair split last year but are back together with the goal of winning a Major

Matt Wallace Reunites With Caddie Dave McNeilly

Eagle-eyed viewers over the past few weeks will have noticed that Matt Wallace and his former caddie Dave McNeilly have reuinted.

The pair split almost a year ago after the WGC-FedEx St Jude Invitational after winning four European Tour titles together.

Wallace was criticised during the year for his actions towards McNeilly although he did reveal that they “hugged it out and moved on.”

The Englishman had Phil 'Wobbly' Morbey on the bag recently but told Golf Monthly that he asked McNeilly if he'd like to give it another go and he duly accepted.

The pair are now focused on winning a Major sometime in the future.

"I've got Dave back as well, which is massive for me because it feels like we had one go, we've learnt from that and now we're moving forward to win these big tournaments so I really want to win a Major for Dave before he signs off somewhere down the line," Wallace told Golf Monthly.

"I had Wobbly on the bag, Phil Morbey, he was amazing and he was really, really good over this period that when we were over here in the States playing those events but I asked Dave, I said what's his movements coming off this period of time whenever we may come back and he asked why and I said 'well I'd like for us to give it another go, I'd like to give it another shot' and he thought about it for a couple of weeks and came back and said 'yeah I want to give it a go.'

"I was really happy with that, he told me that he wants to caddie for someone who can win a Major and that just gives me a boost.

"We also have fun, we also have a good time. I've learnt from the time before and that time before came at a time where, like I said, I was trying to be perfect.

"I was trying to be so on it all the time that it's not sustainable and Dave has his flaws, I have my flaws and if we know that, if we know each other's flaws, we can accept it and then we can move on and be good at what we're really good at.

"So that's we're on towards now."

Wallace, speaking on the Golf Monthly Clubhouse Podcast this week, says he has no doubt in his ability to win Majors in the future.

"No doubt, no doubt," he said.

"I did have doubt a couple of years ago, I was like 'how am I gonna win this?'

"One of my favourite things I've heard recently is how do you build your confidence? You build confidence by seeing things, you build confidence by doing things in certain times.

"So the fact that I came third at the [2019 US] PGA gives me confidence because I've seen it that I can be in contention, whereas before I couldn't.

"When you win a tournament you see that you can win tournaments, and now I've played against these guys, I've played with Rory, I've played with everyone pretty much apart from Jason Day I think. I've played against everyone and they're amazing, they're phenomenal but I can seriously do this.

"I can win a Major."

Listen to Wallace on this week's Clubhouse Podcast [starts at 9mins] -

Matt Wallace has won four times on the European Tour and currently ranks 41st in the world.

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