The four-time Major winner thinks he's got the better of Bryson and says it was DeChambeau who started the whole thing


Koepka On DeChambeau Feud: “I’ve Definitely Got The Better Of Him”

The Brooks Koepka/Bryson DeChambeau feud rumbles on after the leaked video from the PGA Championship where Koepka showed his distain for the Golfing Scientist.

The pair have each had their say since, with Koepka saying the feud is “good for the game.”

We also heard Bryson call it “banter” and then saw him ‘videobomb’ Brooks at the US Open during an interview.

Koepka, speaking to ESPN Sports Center host Matt Barrie, said that he has “definitely got the better” of Bryson and it was DeChambeau who started the feud.

“I’ve definitely got a few more texts from some of the guys maybe in the NFL, NBA things like that,” Koepka told Barrie.

“These guys love it. It’s drawn them into golf a little bit more and it’s making it more fun for everybody so look, I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve definitely got the better of him and I’ve enjoyed that.”

He also said he’s had a good response from his peers out on the PGA Tour.

“There’s been a few laughs, a few ‘I can’t believe you did that,’ ‘I’m glad you did,’ but it’s been fun,” he said.

“I’ve got a good response from a bunch of the guys on Tour, from everybody, from the Tour.

“It’s been something I think everybody has enjoyed and definitely changing up the game a little bit.”

Whilst the four-time Major winner admits it has been fun, he won’t be sharing a beer with Bryson any time soon…

“There’s not much to talk about,” he said.

“Everything that’s gone on, it’s been one of those things. This whole thing started basically because of him so you know, I’ll leave it at that.

“I don’t see us having dinner or drinks or Michelob Ultra just to settle it.”

Watch the clip below: