Mizuno 630 Fast Track driver, £299

The head might be slightly smaller than the maximum 460cc, but the distance was great. Like the previous MP driver, we loved the feel off the face. The simple weight changing system worked extremely well. The weight rail did however create a whistling sound during practice swings.

Key technology
The Mizuno 630 Fast Track driver allows you to slide weights to affect sidespin and backspin. The 445cc head sits slightly open at address.


Mizuno 630 Fast Track driver


Adams Speedline FAST 10 driver, £199

This packs a fantastic punch. It drove the ball very powerfully through the air on a relatively high flight. Solid performer at a great price. This Speedline Fast 10’s deep face provides a powerful look at address. The styling on the bottom – its metallic blue finish is unusual.

Key technology
Aerodynamic shaping creates 10% less drag than previous models. The larger face of the area Adams Speedline Fast 10 driver provides expanded sweetspot. 

Adams Speedline FAST 10 driver