In the recent Golf Channel Podcast, Brandel Chamblee said he could easily sort out Tiger's driving woes. By Matt Cradock


Brandel Chamblee: “I’d Have Tiger Woods Driving It Straight In 2 Minutes”

Chamblee was a former professional golfer on the PGA Tour but is now a commentator and writer for the Golf Channel and Golf Central.

After watching Tiger’s return at the Farmers Insurance Open last weekend, Chamblee believes his swing is better than the one he had in 2013.

That year Tiger went on to win five times, including the Players Championship, two WGC events and also the Player of the Year title.

The reason as to why Chamblee believes his 2018 swing is better is because: “He is healthier, also speaking to the people who have been around and are currently around him, Tiger is fully aware of his dipping down motion that often occurs in his swing.”

Tiger still averaged 114 miles per hour on his return in December

Chamblee continued by saying: “He was not so aware in 2013 that in fact that what he was trying to do, that’s why he was such a bad driver of the ball.”

Tiger was ranked T127th in strokes gained off the tee but was one of the best iron players of the week.

“You’ll never see someone who’s the best iron player on tour be that good off the tee except maybe the exception of Spieth,” said Chamblee.

In the first round of Tiger’s return at the Hero World Challenge it was worked out that his average club speed was still a scintillating 114 miles per hour. That’s also bearing in mind it was his first tournament back from injury.

At last week’s Farmers Insurance Open however Tiger was ranked 127th in strokes gained off the tee.

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“How much more evidence do you need to realise that golf swing is not how you hit drivers, I know now he is trying to stand tall and move off the ball and if he does that then it’s game over. (For the rest of the field)” said Chamblee.

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Chamblee believes that: “If Tiger walked out here tomorrow I’d have him driving it straight in 2 minutes.

“All he needs to do is move 3 inches to the right in his backswing and that is it from there he can’t mess it up, but he doesn’t, he stays centered, he drops down and turns left.

“Then one thing bleeds into another which causes another problem which causes another problem and then it requires another compensation.

“You’ll never drive it well from there, no one ever has, no one ever will and that’s where he’s at and that’s where he was at in 2013”

Chamblee says that Tiger is “nearly there” and what he has now is a “hangover of 2013.”

“Until he moves off, his driving won’t be good, he’ll still hit good irons but until he moves off his driving he wont.”

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