The Australian didn't hold back with his comments on Reed at the weekend


Cameron Smith On His And Reed’s Relationship: “Little Bit Of Tension”

Cameron Smith, in perhaps the least surprising news of the week, has said that his and Patrick Reed’s relationship is no longer there.

The pair have never been the best of buddies but they do share the same physio out on Tour, although after Smith’s comments earlier this week they may no longer “talk and chat in the locker room” like Smith said they currently do.

The Aussie said he “has no sympathy for cheats” after the American was penalised two strokes for improving his lie at the Hero World Challenge.

He now says that there is “a little bit of tension there” between the two.

Reed responded to the initial comments by saying that the Presidents Cup has now become “personal.”

“I’m sure he didn’t like it, I think there is a little bit of tension there,” Cameron Smith said of Reed ahead of day one at the Presidents Cup.

“I’ve looked at Patrick a couple [of] times, but he hasn’t looked back. I’m looking forward to the weekend.”

The Aussie confirmed that whatever friendship they might have had is gone and said he “definitely won’t go out of my way” to talk to the Texan.

“I think our friendship, I guess, is not quite there anymore.

“We share a physio out there. We would talk and chat in the locker room, but nothing much more than that. Just a friendly-type thing.”

The duo now have somewhat of a rivalry, especially as they’re on opposing sides this week in Melbourne.

The game the entire golfing world now wants to see is Smith vs Reed.

“[Whatever] Ernie thinks is best I’m willing to do. I’m here to do a job for Ernie, and that’s all I’m focusing on,” Smith said.

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