Wilson Golf has joined forces with James Hull, assistant professional at the Mount Pleasant Golf Club in Bedfordshire, to support David West of Hitchin in his dream of going from a complete novice to scratch golfer in just 12 months.

Hull has designed a six-day-a-week training programme after West, who purchased a set of Wilson X31 clubs following redundancy from his job, approached him to provide instruction for the duration of the challenge.  

“There’s no doubt about the magnitude of the challenge ahead for both myself and David, but with hard work it is achievable,” said Hull.

“The plan is to hand in three cards early in the new year that will give David a handicap of around 15. He will then play in regular competitions throughout the remainder of the year to reduce his handicap.

“Although we’re targeting a recognised CONGU handicap of scratch, there will be a limit on the number of non-competition cards he can hand in and a limit to the number of competitions he can play.

“Our primary target therefore is to show that David has achieved a scratch standard with the scores he achieves.

“I also plan to get him working his way through the range of irons from Wilson Staff, starting with the X31 clubs and going up to the FG Tour irons used by Padraig Harrington.

“He’s already moved to the new Di11 irons and has seen a big improvement in the distances of each club.”

West has launched a blog on his own website, novice2scratch.com, where fellow golfers can keep abreast of his progress, as well as reading the views of Hull in the ‘Coach’s Corner’ section.

For further information about Wilson Staff clubs, visit wilson-staff.com

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