Director of Golf at La Manga Golf Club, Chris Davies sadly passed away earlier this year following a tragic buggy accident.

Chris had been at the club for nearly 20 years during which his personable character made him a great friend to many.

In memory of the 62-year-old, friends and family planted an olive tree on the course where he had enjoyed so much of his life.  

He became Director of Golf in 1989, installing a worth ethic that made him instantly likeable and respected, often working from the early hours to late at night.

A decent golfer, Chris was particularly keen on promoting junior golf and it was fitting that the Spanish National Junior Championships were being played on the course at the time of his Memorial.  

In December 2000, after a freak incident involving a piece of wood, Chris had part of his foot removed, but typically upbeat, he returned to work in jovial fashion. 

But, tragically Chris was involved in a buggy accident earlier this year, which led to his death.  

At his tree-planting Memorial friends and family gathered and told of their appreciation of Chris.

His wife Gill recalled: “Chris absolutely loved his job. He was very organized – everything had to be done properly, down to the tiniest detail. The blinds had to be straight, notices had to be fixed with white drawing pins (nothing coloured) at the precise four corners.”

Former La Manga Club Managing Director Tony Coles said: “He was as straight as the day is long. The customer was always his priority

“Chris was a disciplinarian in a golf context. Things had to be right.

“Chris was a stickler for etiquette,” Coles added, “but he let people know in the right way. We were always aware that if little details were allowed not to be right, the whole system would quickly fall apart.

“The way he handled his own problems over the last six years was sensational. Gill has said he was just the same at home, cheerful and getting on with things. He was fun to play golf with. He was a great storyteller usually rendering us helpless with laughter at the staff Christmas dinner.”

Maria Jose Blanco, Groups and Conventions Manager, added, “Chris will be hard to replace. He will go down as a La Manga Club legend and will always be here in spirit.”

As the Memorial Tree grows, it will remind everyone who passes by, that Chris Davies was indeed a very special person.