Kim Kardashian is now a golfer!


Kim Kardashian Shows Off Golf Swing To Her 200m+ Instagram Followers

Golf may have just got itself a new influencer in the form of one of the world’s biggest influencers – Kim Kardashian.

The American, who boasts an incredible 216m Instagram followers, appears to have taken up the game of golf and showed us all her swing this weekend.

Kardashian uploaded a few swings from a lesson:

Her friend Lala Anthony, who has 11.7m followers herself, filmed Kardashian hit a few iron shots with Kim clearly enjoying the second one where she celebrated and said “Hole-in-one!” afterwards.

Golf is making huge strides in promoting the game to girls and women and Kim Kardashian’s new-found love for the game will surely inspire many girls and women to have a go at the game themselves.

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The entire Kardashian family was recently kitted out with Callaway clubs, so hopefully we’ll get to see more action from the practice range and course in the coming months and years.

“Oh my god you guys we’re gonna be golfers,” Kardashian recently said in an Instagram video where she showed her family’s new Callaway clubs.

Kris Jenner and her children Rob, Khloe, Kendall, Kim, Kyle and Kourtney all received Epic Tour bags and clubs, so let’s hope they’ll showcase the game to their hundreds of millions of followers.

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