Kevin Na Reveals He's In Talks With A Player To Join LIV

The Iron Heads GC captain says one player is almost certain to sign up to the Saudi-backed organisation

Kevin Na takes a shot during the pro-am before the 2022 LIV Golf Chicago event
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LIV Golf player Kevin Na has revealed that he’s already in talks with one player to join his Iron Heads GC team.

The Saudi-funded venture is expanding to a 14-tournament League for 2023, and speaking ahead of LIV Golf’s Asian debut at Stonehill in Bangkok, Na explained that recruitment plans for his team are already well under way in preparation for next year. He said: “There’s already been plenty of guys that have texted me, off the record, and asking about it and showing interest. So I'm already in talks with one player that's wanting to come over next year, and he's probably going to come - nine out of 10 he's going to come over. He's getting an offer and he's excited. He's already excited. We're already talking about it. Look, LIV is only going to grow.”

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According to Na, it's not just his team that's looking to improve, either, with efforts to strengthen the current 48-man field. He said: “We have a great 48 players right now, but I know some of them might not make it to next year, and obviously those players have to be replaced, and I think there's a battle of who's coming and who gets who, and it's been very exciting."

As to why LIV Golf is proving so attractive to potential recruits, the Iron Heads GC captain is in no doubt that the team aspect is crucial. He said: “I think you're going to see these young kids, the next generation, having team uniforms and playing against each other at their home course. They're going to say, this is a putt - I'm team Iron Heads, this is the putt to beat the Hy Flyers or the Crushers. It's going to happen, and these kids are going to grow up obviously to win Majors, but they're going to have their favourite teams. They're going to say it's my dream to go play - to be able to play and get picked on Flyers or Crushers or Iron Heads. It's going to happen, and it's going to happen soon.”

Exactly how soon that might happen could be determined by whether LIV Golf is granted Official World Golf Ranking Status. Last month, 50 LIV Golf players signed a letter addressed to the OWGR chairman Peter Dawson urging a decision in its favour. However, Na is confident it will come before long. He said: “I strongly feel that we will get World Ranking points, and I'm not too worried about that. I feel like it's just a matter of timing of when. I don't think it's an accurate World Ranking without every tour and every player being ranked. I really believe that we're going to get it, and hopefully sooner than later. I'm not too worried about it.”

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