Juror David Barron was caught reading Golf Monthly instead of listening to a robbery trial, which he reportedly found “boring”.

Juror Caught Reading Golf Monthly During Trial

A juror has been ordered to pay a £150 fine within 28 days or risk facing a day in prison after it was discovered he was reading a copy of Golf Monthly during a robbery trial.

David Barron was issued a summons for contempt of court on Friday after he was found reading the “bargain golf clubs for sale” section of the magazine due to the case being “boring.”

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At the trial at Southampton Crown Court, Judge Peter Henry said: “Another juror could clearly see something going on and drew that to the attention of the usher.

“You were holding the jury folder in front of you, but the usher discovered you were reading a magazine.”

Barron, who describes himself as retired, replied to the court usher, saying the trial was “boring” and he “could not be bothered with the proceedings”. The 60-year-old was eventually discharged from the jury.

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Representing himself in court, Barron said: “I am ashamed, and I am very sorry for my actions. I should not have done it. It was very disrespectful.”

Judge Henry was pleased that Barron had admitted to his actions, stating: “I hope you do feel ashamed by what you have done and that you will reflect.”

Barron was charged with contempt of court and now faces a £150 fine which must be paid in 28 days. He even asked to have his edition of Golf Monthly returned to him, however the request was refused.

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