Golf is back in England! And nobody played a faster round than Luke Willett...


Iron Golfer Luke Willett Completes Barefoot 18 Holes In 42 Minutes

Golf is back in England after a 12 week break as lockdown measures begin to ease.

Whilst many of us will be enjoying a leisurely four hour stroll, one golfer managed to complete 18 holes in less than 45 minutes!

Luke Willett, or the Iron Golfer as he’s known, teed off at Woking Golf Club barefooted with just four clubs in the bag and got round in 42 minutes and 84 shots.

The PGA Pro even managed to keep the same ball for all 18 holes, not bad after three months off!

Luke teed off at 6.30am and tapped in his putt for an 84 just before 7.15am.

Watch: Luke sets off at 6.30am –

“The morning was bright and early, woke up when it was dark outside by that’s nothing unusual for me I’m a busy dad. I love to get out early and get my training in early so I can get back home for the kids and stuff,” Luke told Golf Monthly.

“Woke up at 4.20am or something like that, hit the road, got to the golf course nice and early, teed off at 6.30, which was pretty much as soon as I took my shoes off, I was like ‘Ah man I can feel the cold, better get going.’

“Then that video you posted recently, that was me whacking it down there. Fortunately it went straight, next one went straight and actually the mad thing about today was I played with my original ball from the first shot to that final hole.”

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The barefooted 18 holes is just one of many incredible challenges Willett has undertaken.

Last year he played the three W’s (Woking, West Hill and Worplesdon) in under three hours!

In 2019, he played all 14 Open Championship venues in 10 days, cycling between each one.

He has also completed 18 holes at Sunningdale Heath Golf Club in just 26 minutes.

This latest challenge was in preparation for a mega 65 mile barefooted golf/running adventure on the Isle of Arran in June, where he’ll be raising money for the Golf Foundation.