The Grove, one of Europe’s finest golfing destinations, has announced its selection as the new UK home of highly-regarded golf coach Dave Pelz‘s Scoring Game Schools.

Pelz’s namesake golf schools and clinics have gone from strength-to-strength since opening in 1982, as amateurs and professionals seek the wisdom of one of golf’s most influential short game coaches.

Pelz – who has guided pupils, including Phil Mickelson, to 19 major championships – has spent the last 35 years studying the game and revealing better ways for golfers to practice and play.

“One of the deciding factors for me when we decided to open a school in England was undoubtedly The Grove’s magnificent conditioning, which is essential when it comes to running short game classes,” said Pelz.

“Having heard so much about the The Grove’s reputation for excellence, and having seen Tiger win a World Golf Championship event there back in 2006, I had always pinpointed it as a potential venue for my Scoring Game Schools.”

The Grove golf course was designed by revered architect Kyle Phillips, and has quickly gained a reputation for being in immaculate championship condition all year round.

“To have such a renowned and well-respected coach as Dave Pelz select us to be UK home of his Scoring Game Schools is a real honour, and testament to the hard work and dedication of our team,” said Anna Darnell, The Grove’s Director of Golf.

The Grove will host both one-day Scoring Game Clinics and the more comprehensive three-day Scoring Game Schools – incorporating video, feedback devices and the latest Pelz research designed to give golfers an extensive armoury around the greens.

One Day Scoring Game Clinics (£250) will take place on August 18 and 19. Three day Scoring Game Schools (£1,500) will take place from September 21-13 and October 5-7.

For bookings, visit or call +353 6893030.