Nathan Hardwick illegally spent $26m of his clients' money on women, gambling and private jet travel


Dustin Johnson’s Former Lawyer Guilty Of Taking $26m From Clients

Dustin Johnson’s former lawyer and financial advisor Nathan Hardwick has been found guilty of spending $26m of his clients’ money on women, gambling and private jet travel.

Hardwick spent the money from his now-bankrupt real estate closing firm named Morris Hardwick Schneider and claimed the funds were his, when they were actually revealed to have come from escrow accounts that stored money in trust for the firm’s clients.

The jury in Georgia, USA convicted Hardwick of one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, 21 counts of wire fraud and one count of making false statements to federally insured banks.

Hardwick, 53, owned 55% of the company and has now been placed in custody. He could get a sentence of up to 15 years according to, who report that is what the government will be asking for.

World number one Dustin Johnson filed a lawsuit against Hardwick and his partners Mark and Gerard Wittstadt in 2014, claiming that he had been scammed out of $3m over a made-up investment opportunity.

DJ referred to Hardwick at the time as one of his primary advisors in his professional career, and said that Hardwick had been used as a “pawn” by the Wittstadts to scam him of the $3m.

Hardwick apparently used the money to fund his debts.

DJ eventually won $2m back after the firm went into bankruptcy in 2016.

Details of Hardwick’s spending were revealed in the trial, with $4m going on three women including one who met him on

He was also alleged to have spent $7m in casinos, other expenditures revealed include…

  • $680,000 for a luxury apartment in Atlanta, Georgia
  • $273,000 on a diamond engagement ring for an ex-fiancee
  • $186,000 deposit for a party on a private island
  • $635,000 on a custom private jet ride for the 2014 Open (at Royal Liverpool) with friends which included a round on the Old Course at St Andrews

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