Triumphant Yorkshire completed a clean sweep in the English counties championship when they defeated Dorset 7½ -1½ on the last day of the finals at Long Ashton in Gloucestershire.

It was their fifth win from five matches and it confirmed their victory in the championship. They couldn’t be caught after winning their first four matches but they were determined to complete the week with a full set.

The battle for second place ended in success for Hertfordshire who beat Sussex 6-3 and scored 3½ points from the week. Warwickshire moved up into third place when they beat Leicestershire and Rutland 5-4 and overtook them in the table.  

Yorkshire’s victory was their fifth consecutive win in the championship and they are the first team to achieve that feat.
Yorkshire training officer Joy Hunter commented: “It’s a fabulous result and especially because we have now won the championship five times in a row. I am just so thrilled for the girls who have all worked so hard all week.”

The match was probably the last appearance for Yorkshire by former English champion Naomi Edwards. She’s going to Tour School in the New Year and she said: “I hope this is my last time – in the nicest possible way!”

She signed off in style, teaming up with Sara Garbutt for a 9/7 victory in the foursomes, which they completed with a winning birdie.

Meanwhile, the fight for second place was fiercely contested. Hertfordshire and Leicestershire & Rutland started the day on level terms, half a point ahead of Warwickshire.

The honours eventually went to Hertfordshire while Leicestershire were overtaken by a battling Warwickshire side.
Hertfordshire captain Jaki White said afterwards: “I am so pleased and so proud of my team. They knew what they had to do and they went out and did it. It was fabulous.”

Warwickshire’s Bev Belcher was jubilant after her side bounced back from losing the foursomes 2½- ½. They responded with 4½ points from the six singles and she said: “It was just absolutely awesome.”

Final placings

Yorkshire 5pts
Hertfordshire 3½
Warwickshire 3
Leicestershire & Rutland 2½
Sussex 1
Dorset 0

Fifth day results
Hertfordshire 6 Sussex 3
(Hertfordshire names first)


Lucy Williams & Charlie Field beat Aileen Greenfield & Chloe Court 6/5
Jackie Foster & Tina Jeary  beat Emma Fields & Katherine Russell 1 up
Charlie Douglass & Steph McEvoy lost to Hannah Ralph & Karen Sykes 2 down.


Alison Franklin  beat Jo Galway 7/5
Harriet Key beat Chloe Court 5/4
Williams beat Clarissa Bushell 5/4
Field lost to Russell 2/1
Douglass beat Fields 2/1
Jeary lost to Ralph 2/1

Warwickshire 5  Leicestershire & Rutland 4
(Warwickshire names first)


Claire Howells & Charlotte Dalton halved with Chloe Dexter & Jamie-Leigh Voss
Lauren Taylor & Ashley Cramond lost to Tracy Bourne & Jo Morris 4/3
Lisa Barton & Abby Gittings lost to Kym Larratt & Helen Lowe 3/2


Barton beat Voss 3/2
Tracy Atkin lost to Larratt 3/2
Gittings halved with Morris
Dalton beat Dexter 3/2
Howells beat Bourne 2/1
Hannah McLoughlin beat Lowe 3/2
Dorset 1½  Yorkshire 7½    
(Dorset names first)


Hayley Davis & Marketa Mann lost to Nikki Dunn & Ellie Robinson 2/1
Melanie Buxton & Harriet Legg lost to Naomi Edwards & Sara Garbutt 9/7
Georgia Hall & Melissa McMahon halved with Kim Crooks & Laura Harvey


McMahon lost to Emma Brown 4/3
Davis beat Helen Searle 1 up
Hall lost to Robinson 1 down
Legg lost to Harvey 2 down
Mann lost to Crooks 1 down
Ilona Davidson lost to Dunn 1 down