10 Unique Ways Bryson DeChambeau’s Approach To Golf Is Unlike Any Other Pro

The one-time Major champion has an idiosyncratic and quirky approach to golf, from single-length irons to brain training and breathing methods

Bryson DeChambeau hits a shot during the first round of the 2024 Masters
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Bryson DeChambeau is unlike any other golfer in the professional game. 

His idiosyncratic and quirky approach to golf, from single-length irons to brain training and breathing methods, has often proved to be more than just a gimmick for the one-time Major champion. 

Here are 10 unique methods to the game used by the man known as ‘The Scientist’.

Single-length irons

DeChambeau is the only known professional to use single-length irons. That’s right, all of his irons and wedges are the exact same length: 37.5 inches. The rationale behind it is that DeChambeau, who has a degree in physics, wanted to keep a consistent posture for every club and eventually landed on the ideal length and weighting. The lie and bounce for each iron and wedge are also the same, with only the lofts being different. The single-length irons also allow him to employ a single-plane swing.

Bulking up

DeChambeau famously bulked up significantly in 2020, adding 50lbs of muscle through intense weight training and a protein-fueled diet, in his quest of becoming the longest driver on the PGA Tour. He would achieve his goal, topping driving distances in 2020 and 2021. However, he later admitted that his pursuit of size and muscle wasn’t good for his health, and would end up ditching his regiment for a more healthy diet. He remains one of the longest hitters in the game, averaging more than 320 yards in driving distance for the 2024 LIV Golf season.

Floating balls in epsom salt

Since he was a young golfer, DeChambeau has been floating golf balls in Epsom salts to determine the center of gravity of the ball. Ben Hogan was also known for using this method.

Krank driver

DeChambeau revealed in 2023 that he added a new driver to his bag, one that isn’t usually seen in the professional game. The new driver was a six-degree Krank Formula Fire LD, which is often used by long-drive competitors. The move proved fruitful as it helped him win his first event on LIV Golf in Greenbrier, which included an incredible final-round 58. “It's probably performed the best I've ever had in the past five years in professional golf for me,” he said of the driver. He also uses Krank fairway woods. 

Bryson DeChambeau with the trophy after winning the LIV Golf Chicago tournament

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Side-saddle putting

DeChambeau experimented with side-saddle putting in 2016, a method where he putted by looking straight at the hole. He also experimented with several new putters during that time, but the USGA would end up deeming his putter to be non-conforming, prompting DeChambeau to eventually ditch the experimental method altogether.

Drawing compass

At the 2018 Travellers Championship, DeChambeau was spotted using a drawing compass (also known as a protractor) on the course. He said that he used the tool to figure out true pin locations. However, the USGA eventually clamped down on his drawing compass, determining that it was against the rules and could help him gain an advantage.

Brain training and breathing

DeChambeau is also really into brain training and breathing methods. He has studied different breathing methods to help his brain get into a “parasympathetic state instead of a sympathetic state”, which he says can help calm your brainwaves down and help with recovery.

Vector putting

He uses a putting system called vector putting. He can often be seen checking out his yardage book with his caddie before putting. He uses his vector method to factor in the percentage of slope, length of the putt and green speed. Essentially, it’s a method to compute break and read the green in a more scientific way. His putting stroke is also unique, a very rigid and locked-up style which allows him to make his putting motion simply by rocking his shoulders.

Bryson DeChambeau hits a putt

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JumboMax grips

DeChambeau began using JumboMax grips as a junior golfer. He said he was drawn to the grips, which are larger than standard grips, because it helps him hold the club more with his hands than just his fingers.

'Face bulging' Irons

His latest experiment is using ‘face bulging’ irons, which he spoke about at the 2024 Masters. The new irons feature a new face curvature design with ‘face bulging’ technology, which is often featured in modern-day drivers and fairway woods but hasn’t been seen before on irons. He said the new irons help him hit the ball straighter when he hits it off the toe or heel.

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