Titleist has introduced a new range of Scotty Cameron GOLO putters for 2015


Titleist has introduced a new range of Scotty Cameron GOLO putters for 2015.

Arriving in April, the four new GOLO putters – GOLO 3, GOLO 5, GOLO 5R AND GOLO 6 – boast a handful of new technologies aimed at improving feel, control and stability.

The key new development is a lightweight aluminum face-sole core that sits inside a stainless steel frame, which improves the moment of inertia through perimeter weighting.

The frame is connected to the core at five strategic points, with vibration dampening technology contributing to what Titleist calls ‘the softest feeling Scotty Cameron putter in recent years.’

The face-sole core is made from dark anodized aluminum that forms the entire face, instead of a traditional insert.

What’s more, the face-sole core creates a sightline on the back flange for alignment purposes.

Customisable weights in the heel and toe also help provide more forgiveness at impact, while four-way sole relief prevents snagging on the take away.

“The GOLO line has been around for three years now, and it’s won a lot of golf tournaments with some of the best players in the world,” said Masters Craftsman Scotty Cameron.

“But there are always ways to learn and do things better.

“We’ve moved in today’s technology, machining and computer systems and taken everything we’ve learned on tour to create even better Scotty Cameron GOLO putters.

“The new models have better feel, better sounds, better alignment and better overall performance.

“It’s the next wave of construction technology – and it’s simply better. Nobody else has done what we’ve done with this line.”

2015 Scotty Cameron GOLO putter models, designs and specifications:

Golo 3: ‘ a modern mid-mallet with a heel-shafted neck that provides maximum toe flow.’

Golo 5 and Golo 5R: ‘standard sized mallets, slightly larger than the previous generation.

‘GOLO 5 has a new octagonal back with horizontal and vertical sigh lines; GOLO 5R offers a traditional round shape without the extra horizontal sight lines.’

Golo 6: ‘features a B-back shape similar to Cameron’s previous Circa 62 #6 model.’

The new family of Scotty Cameron GOLO putters will go on sale on April 3, 2015 with a suggested retail price of £315.